Famous People Who Died in Aviation Accident

Date/Time Person Location Aircraft Details
20-Apr-06 Scott Crossfield  Near Ellijay, Georgia Cessna 210A Crashed in mountains about 60 miles Northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. Flew into a level 6 thunderstorm. Plane broke up. 1 killed.
15:12 84, famous test pilot, aviator, aircraft designer N6579X
    cn: 21057579
13-Mar-06 Peter Tomarken  Off Santa Monica, California Bonanza A-36 Crashed after experiencing engine trouble after taking off from Santa Monica Airport. An attempt to return to the airport failed and the plane crashed into Santa Monica Bay 200 yards offshore. Engine failure. 2 killed including Tomarken's wife.
9:45 63, former game show host (Press Your Luck) N16JR
    cn: E-443
6-Jan-06 Eric Anthony Beard Burlington, Washington Piper PA 34-200T Seneca Crashed in a wooded area while on approach  while on a routine flight for Airpac Airlines, a cargo carrier based in Seattle. 1 killed.
3:55 47, world famous stunt pilot N36107
8-Oct-05 Art Vance Near Monterey, Tennessee Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat Crashed and burst into flames,  while attempting an emergency landing on a median of Interstate 40. 1 killed.
21:03 64, champion air racer N4994V
30-Jul-05 Dr. John Garang Near New Kush, Sudan M1-172 helicopter Crashed into a mountain range in southern Sudan in poor weather and visibility. All 14 aboard killed.
60, Vice President of Sudan.
27-Jun-05 John Walton Jackson Hole, Wyoming CGS Hawk Arrow Crashed shortly after taking off from Jackson Hole Airport. 1 killed.
13:20 58, billionaire and second son to Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart
1-Oct-04 Gertrude Dunn Avondale, Pennsylvania Piper PA-28-180 Crashed on takeoff after the engine failed. 1 killed.
18:03  72, multi-sport athlete including playing for the All American Girls Professional Baseball League of the 50s N54397
    cn: 28-7405050
11-Sep-04 Patriarch Pedros VII of Alexandria Off Mount Athos, Greece CH47D Chinook helicopter Crashed into the Aegean Sea, 5.5 nautical miles off Halkidiki peninsula Killing the Patriarch and clergy members. All 17 aboard killed.
11:10 55, spiritual leader of orthodox Christians throughout Africa
30-Apr-04 Ian Groom Fort Lauderdale, Florida Sukhoi SU-31 Crashed into the ocean while practicing spins for the Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea show. 1 killed.
18:15 56, acrobatic pilot N31SU
    cn: 01-02
17-Apr-04 Soundarya Bangalore, India Cessna 180 The aircraft crashed into a field and burned after taking off from Jakkur Aerodome. 4 killed.
11:05 32, Indian actress and film star VT-EQU
1-Mar-04 Toni Onley Maple Ridge, Canada LA-4-200 Buccaneer The floatplane Onley was piloting crashed into Fraser River while he was practicing takeoffs and landings. 1 killed.
13:30 75, Canadian artist C-GHJE
    cn: 646
26-Feb-04  Boris Trajkovski Bitonja, Bosnia-Herzegovina Beechcraft Super King  Air 200 Crashed into mountains  while attempting to land in poor weather at Mostar. All 9 aboard killed. Pilot error. The two-man crew misinterpreted crucial flight data in stormy weather.
8:01 47, president of Macedonia Z3-BAB
15-Dec-03 Steve Kaplan Claremont, California Cessna 421C Crashed into a house shortly after takeoff. Fatigue fracture of the right engine propeller. 1 killed.
1:24 43, musical director for Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune game shows. N6887L
30-Jul-03 Steve Hislop Hawick, Scotland Helicopter Crashed near a remote farmhouse. 1 killed.
41, British superbike motorcycle champion.
6-Jun-03 Jesica Kaplan Los Angeles, California Beechcraft Bonanza The plane nose-dived into a 15 unit apartment house shortly after taking off from Santa Monica Airport. All 4 aboard killed.
15:55 24, screenwriter A36TV
    cn: EA-27
1-Feb-03 Rick Husband, 45 Over north central Texas Space Shuttle Columbia Disintegrated over north central Texas at 200,000 feet as it was approaching the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for a landing. All 7 astronauts aboard were killed.
8:00 William McCool, 40 Michael Anderson, 42 Kalpana Chawla, 41 David Brown, 46
  Laurel Clark, 41
  IIlan Ramon, 47 
  Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia
13-Nov-02 Henry Howard Taylor  San Andreas, California Beechcraft Bonanza The plane experienced engine failure while attempting to climb out after taking off. The aircraft went into a right turn and crashed into a bed of rocks in an otherwise grassy field. Two of 3 aboard killed.
13:09 70, satellite TV broadcasting pioneer A36TC
31-Oct-02 Lionel Poilâne Bay of Cancale, Brittany, France Helicopter The helicopter which Poilâne was flying crashed into the bay after fog rolled in affecting his visibility to land. He was on the way to his home on Ile des Rimains, His wife Irena was also killed. 2 killed.
57, famous French baker President of the French helicopter association Agusta 109
25-Oct-02 Paul Wellstone Eveleth, Minnesota King Air A100 Crashed 2 miles from Eveleth Municipal Airport while attempting to land in freezing rain and light snow. Wellstone, along with his wife, daughter and 3 staff members killed while campaigning.  Pilot error in flying the plane too slowly on the approach until it stalled. All 8 aboard killed.
10:20 54, Minnesota Senator N41BE
11-Aug-02 Galen Rowell Bishop, California Aero Commander The couple were returning from an Arctic trip when the plane crashed 2 miles from Bishop Airport. All 4 aboard killed.
8:24 61, AC-690A
  Barbara Rowell N690TB
  54, cn:11109
  Nature photographers  
1-Jun-02 Hansie Cronje George, South Africa Airquarius Aviation Croje was the lone passenger aboard the private postal service plane when it crashed into mountains after a missed landing attempt in poor weather. Croje caught a lift on the plane after missing his scheduled SAA flight. Croje was banned from playing cricket after a bribery scandal in 2000.
6:45 32, former South African Cricket captain Hawker Siddeley HS-748-372
24-Nov-01 Melanie Thornton Birchwil, Switzerland Crossair The plane crashed while attempting to land in rain and snow , 5.5 miles from Zurich Airport.  24  of 33 aboard, killed.
22:08 34, American pop singer Flight 3597
  Maria Serano Serano Avro RJ100
  Nathaly van het Ende HB-IMX
  both 27, members of the pop-music trio, Passion Fruit. cn:E-3291
11-Sep-01 Barbara Olsen Arlington, Virginia American Airlines The plane was hijacked by terrorists and deliberately crashed into the Pentagon.
9:45 46, CNN/Fox commentator Flight 77
    Boeing B-757
11-Sep-01 Garnet "Ace" Bailey New York, New York United Airlines The plane was hijacked by terrorists and deliberately crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center.
9:03 53, former Boston Bruins hockey player.  Scout for Flight 175
  the LA. Kings. Boeing B-767
11-Sep-01 David Angell New York, New York American Airlines The plane was hijacked by terrorists and deliberately crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center.
8:45 54, creator and executive producer of "Frasier" Boeing B-767
  Berry Berenson Flight 11
  53, actress and photographer N334AA
29-Aug-01 Graham "Shirley" Strachan Mt. Archer, near Kilcoy,  Queensland,  Australia Bell 47 helicopter Severe turbulence led to loss of control of the helicopter Strachan was piloting, causing it to crash into a rugged mountainside. 1 killed.
16:00 49, Australian television and rock star
25-Aug-01 Aaliyah Haughton Marsh Harbour, Bahamas Cessna 402B The aircraft crashed in flames past the end of the runway as the plane attempted to take off. All 9 aboard killed.
18:50 22, singer and actress N8097W
Jul 27,2001 Fernanda Vogel Off Maresias, Brazil Augusta 109 helicopter The helicopter ditched into the ocean while attempting to land at Maresias and although all four survived the ditching only the co-pilot and Vogel's boyfriend were able to swim ashore. Vogel and the pilot drowned. 2 killed.
18:30 20, Brazilian fashion model PP-MPA
8-Jul-01 Capt. Rolim Adolfo Amaro Near Juan Peter Caballero, Paraguay Robinson R-44 helicopter Lost power from a height of 2,000 ft. and crashed to the ground.  Amaro, was piloting the helicopter, was killed along with his secretary/girlfriend Patrícia dos Santos Silva.  2 killed.
9:30 58, President and founder of the Brazilian airline TAM ZP-HRM 
22-May-01 Dr. Patricia Hilliard Robertson Manvel, Texas Wittman Tailwind W8 experimental Cartwheeled and crashed into trees as the pilot practiced takeoff and landing  maneuvers. Robertson died of her injuries 2 days after the accident. 1 killed.
18:00 38, astronaut N3GJ  cn:GR 1
4-Apr-01 Ibrahim Shamsul-Din Adar Yeil, Sudan Antonov AN-24 Crashed on takeoff during a sandstorm, killing Sudan's deputy defense minister and 13 high-ranking military officers. 14 out of 30 killed.
Deputy Defense Minister of Sudan
27-Jan-01 Members of the Oklahoma State University basketball team Byers, Colorado Beech King Air 200 The aircraft banked sharply to the right and crashed on a farm in light snow shortly after taking off from Jefferson County Airport. Two members and six staffers of the Oklahoma State University basketball team killed along with 2 others.
17:27 N81PF
16-Oct-00 Mel Carnahan Hillsboro, Missouri Cessna 335 Crashed into a densely wooded area in a high speed dive after reporting instrument problems.  All three aboard killed, including an campaign aide and the governor's son who was piloting the aircraft.
19:32 66, Governor of Missouri N8354N
12-Oct-00 Gary McPherson  Kelowana, British Columbia Piper PA-24-250 Comanche McPherson who was piloting the plane, was not able to gain altitude while taking off from a grass strip at a lodge and crashed into trees.  Flaps not extended. 3 of 4 aboard killed.
37, Colorado state Rep. N6917P
6-Oct-00 Charles B. Yates  Edgartown, Massachusetts Mitsubishi MU-2B-26A Crashed while approaching the airport at Martha's Vineyard after receiving an altitude alert.  Yates was piloting the plane and his wife an 2 children were also killed.  All 4 aboard killed.
22:05 61, former state Senator from New Jersey N60BT
4-Aug-00 Thomas Allgood Sr. Augusta, Georgia Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage Collided with a utility pole, bus stop and brick wall while attempting to take off.  Overloaded.  All 3 aboard including Allgood's wife, killed.
7:45 71, former Georgia State Senator N198PM
2-Jul-00 Salvator Socrates Palawan, Philippines Fokker 50 GAF Nomad Crashed after the military aircraft experienced engine trouble and tried to return to the airport.  The pilot overshot the runway and crashed into the ocean.  General Santiago Madrid also killed.  All 12 aboard killed. 
Philippine Governor
Santiago Madrid
Philippine Air Force general
19-Jun-00 William "Bill" Papas Nipmo Lake, British Columbia de Havilland Beaver floatplane Crashed into a lake while taking off on a fishing trip.  Papas drowned while attempting to swim to shore in 40 degree  water.  3 of 12 aboard killed.
72, artist and journalist
2-Jun-00 Svyatoslav Fyodorov Near Moscow, Russia Helicopter Mechanical failure. All 4 aboard killed.
72, Russian inventor who pioneered radial keratotomy surgery
16-Apr-00 Bishop Thomas Lobsinger Near Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Cessna 172 Piloted by Lobsinger, the aircraft crashed on Fox lake.
72, missionary


Date/Time Person Location Aircraft Details
Mar 9, 2000
c 08:45
Artyom Borovik
Russian journalist
Moscow, Russia Vologodskiye Airlines
Yakovlev 40
sn 9620847
Climbed to 150 ft., lost control and crashed during takeoff.  All 9 aboard killed.
Feb 14, 2000
Tony Lee Bettenhausen
48, race car driver
Leesburg, Kentucky Beech Baron 58
sn TH-575
While flying from Blountville Tenn. to Indianapolis, Bettenhausen reported ice on the wings and soon after lost control and spiraled into the ground. All 4 aboard including Bettenhausen's wife were killed.
Feb 8, 2000
Robert "Bob" Collins
57, radio talk show host for WGN, Chicago
Zion, Illinois Zlin Z-242L acrobatic plane
N5ZA sn 0695
Collin's plane, which he was piloting, collided with a Cessna 172 while attempting to land.  Both planes then nose-dived and crashed. A total of 3 killed aboard both planes.
Jan 31, 2000
Cynthia Oti
radio financial talk show host
Off Point Mugu, California Alaska Airlines
N963AS sn 53077
Crashed into the ocean after the crew radioed they were having trouble with a jammed stabilizer. All 88 aboard killed.
Oct 25, 1999
Payne Stewart
42, pro golfer
Aberdeen, South Dakota Gates Learjet 35
sn 060
The aircraft flew out of control on autopilot for 1,500 miles before crashing in a field . Pressurization failure. 6 killed.
Sept 18, 1999
Gary Levitz
61, champion air racer
Reno, Nevada P-51R experimental
Crashed during the Reno National Championship Air Races after his plane suffered structural failure. 1 killed.

Jul 16,1999

John F. Kennedy Jr.
38, son of President Kennedy
Off Martha's Vineyard,
Piper Saratoga II 
sn 3213100
Piloted by Kennedy, the aircraft crashed  into the sea SW of Martha's Vineyard.  Wife and sister-in-law also killed. VFR flight into IFR conditions. 3 killed.
Dec 20, 1998
Phil Stubbs
36, ocean rowing champion
Auckland, New Zealand Piper PA-18
sn 18-7309
Piloted by Stubbs, the plane took off, turned to the right and nose-dived into Karekare Beach. 2 aboard 1 killed.
Nov 21, 1/998
William Gardner Knight 
56, movie actor
Edgewater, Maryland Burgess RV-6
Piloted by Knight. Ran out of fuel. Crashed into Beard's Creek while on approach. 1 killed.
Sept 2, 1998
Jonathan Mann
52, AIDS researcher
Off Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia Swissair
HB-IWF sn 48448
Crashed into the Atlantic after the crew reported smoke in the cockpit and cabin. 229 killed. 
Oct 12, 1997
John Denver
53, singer
Monterey Bay near Pacific Grove, California Rutan Long EZ experimental
N555JD sn 54
Piloted by Denver. Lost control and went into a dive while reaching behind to turn a fuel  transfer switch. 1 killed.
Aug 10, 1997
Marie-Soleil Tougas
27, French Canadian movie actress
Jean-Claude Lauzon
43, French Canadian film director
Near Kuujjuaqn, Quebec Canada Cessna 180K
sn 18053048
Flew into a mountainside in strong winds and rain while returning from a fishing trip. Cause unknown.  2 killed.
Jul 17, 1996
Marcel Dadi
45, French country and western guitarist
Off East Moriches, New York Trans World AL
Boeing 747-131
N93119 sn 20083
Explosion in the center fuel tank. Plane broke up in mid-air. All 230 aboard killed.
May 11, 1996
Walter Hyatt
46, singer, songwriter
Rodney Culver
26, San Diego Chargers running back
Near Miami, Florida ValuJet
N904VJ  sn 47377
In-flight fire caused by illegally transported oxygen generators lacking safety caps.  All 110 aboard killed.
Apr 18, 1996
Brook Berringer
22, University of Nebraska quarterback
Raymond, Nebraska Piper J-3 Cub
Loss of engine power due to fuel starvation due to a partially closed fuel lever.  Pilot error. Berringer was piloting the plane. 2 killed.
Apr 16, 1996 Charlie Hillard
62, aerobatic champion
Lakeland, Florida Hawker Siddeley FB-60
Veered off the runway and nosed over while attempting to land in a crosswind.  Pilot's improper use of brakes and ailerons while landing in crosswind. 1 killed.
Apr 11, 1996
Jessica Dubroff
7, trainee pilot
Cheyenne, Wyoming Cessna Cardinal 177B
Stalled after taking off into a thunderstorm and deteriorating weather. Engaged in transcontinental record. Overloaded. Pilot error. 3 killed.
Apr 3, 1996
c 13:00
Ron Brown
55, U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Near Dubrovnik, Croatia Boeing 737-T43
sn 720396S
Strayed off course and hit a hill 16 kms SE of Dubrovnik in poor weather. Crew used unapproved approach procedure. All 35 aboard killed.
Mar 22, 1996
Robert Overmyer
59, U.S. astronaut
Duluth, Minnesota Cirrus VK30 experimental Lost control, rolled inverted and crashed while flying a small test plane for Cirrus Design Corp.
Apr 6, 1994 Cyprien Ntaryamira
president of Burundi
Juvenal Habyarimana
president of Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda Dassault Facon 50
Shot down by a missile while on approach to the Kigali airport.
Jul 12, 1993
David "Davey" Allison
30, race car driver
Talladega, Alabama Hughes 369HS helicopter N9116F
sn 720396S
Helicopter piloted by Allison. Crashed while landing in the infield of Talladega Speedway.  Pilot error. 1 killed.
Apr 27, 1993 Zambian national soccer team Off Libreville, Gabon de Havilland Buffalo Crashed into the sea after an engine fire. All 30 aboard including 18 members of the team killed.
Apr 19, 1993
George Mickelson
52, South Dakota Governor
Zwingle, Iowa
Mitsubishi MU-2B-60
Crashed into silo. Fracture of the propeller hub resulted in separation of the propeller blade and damage to the engine, leading to loss of control.  All 8 aboard killed.
Apr 1, 1993
Alan Kulwicki
39, race car driver
Blountville, Tennessee Fairchild SA227-TT
The Hooters restaurant private plane crashed while attempting to land. Pilot error. Failure of pilot to follow anti-icing procedures. All 4 aboard killed.
Oct 25, 1991
Bill Graham
60, rock promoter
Vallejo, California Bell 206B helicopter
Struck a transmission tower and exploded shortly after taking off into high winds and rain.  Pilot error. All 3 aboard killed.

Apr 5, 1991

John Tower
66, Texas Senator
Manley "Sonny" Carter Jr.
44, U.S. astronaut
Brunswick, Georgia Atlantic Southeast AL
Embraer 120RT N270AS    
While on approach the aircraft rolled left and crashed in a nose down attitude. Malfunction of the left engine propeller control unit. All 23 board killed.
Apr 4, 1991 H. John Heinz III
53, Pennsylvania Senator
Merion, Pennsylvania Piper Aerostar 601/
Bell 412SP
Helicopter blades struck the Piper while it was inspecting its landing gear in flight. All 5 aboard killed. Two children on ground also killed. 
Mar 16, 1991
Reba McEntire band
singing group
San Diego, California Hawker Siddeley DH-125-1A/522
N831LC SN 25095
Seven members of the Reba McEntire band killed. Hit rising terrain at the top of a mountain after taking off. Pilot error. All 10 aboard killed.
Aug 27, 1990
Stevie Ray Vaughan
35, blues guitarist
Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Bell BHT-206B helicopter N16933
sn 023338
Crashed into terrain after taking off in fog. Pilot error. Failure of pilot to attain adequate altitude before flying over rising terrain. All 5 aboard killed.
Aug 7, 1989
George Thomas "Mickey" Leland
45, Texas U.S. Rep.
Near Gambela, Ethiopia
de Havilland Twin Otter
ET-AIL  SN 699
Crashed into a mountain in thunderstorms and poor weather conditions. Pilot error.  Flew into an area of bad weather at low altitude and failed to maintain visual contact with the ground. All 16 aboard killed.
Aug 13, 1989
Larkin Smith
45, Mississippi U.S. Rep.
Janice, Mississippi Cessna 177RG
sn 177RG-0376
Spiraled into the ground. Pilot error. His non-instrument rated pilot flew into IFR conditions and lost control in hazy weather. 2 killed.
Jul 19, 1989
Jay Ramsdell
25, CBA commissioner
Sioux City, Iowa United Airlines Fl 232
N1819U SN46618
Catastrophic failure of the No. 2 engine which lead to loss of all hydraulics. Crash landed while attempting an emergency landing. 111 of 298 killed.
Jun 17, 1989 S. David Griggs
49, U.S. astronaut
Earle, Arkansas WW II trainer Killed when the single-engine stunt plane he was flying crashed.
Dec 21, 1988
Paul Jeffreys
33, Musician, bass player with Cockney Rebel
Lockerbie, Scotland Pan American
Flight 103
N739PA SN 19646
Terrorist bombing.  Jeffreys was killed along with his newlywed wife Rachel. All 259 aboard killed.
Sep 30, 1988 Al Holbert
41, race car driver
Columbus, Ohio Piper PA-60-60P
Piloted by Hobert, the plane flew in an erratic manner and crashed into terrain shortly after taking off.
Aug 17, 1988
c 16:30
Arnold Raphel
45, U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan
Mohammed Zia ul-Hag
64, President of Pakistan
Near Bahawalpur, Pakistan Pakistan Air Force
Lockheed C-130B
sn 23494
Crashed 10 minutes after taking off from Bahawalpur.  Act of sabotage. Detonation of a low-explosive device. All 30 aboard killed.
Dec 8, 1987 Alianza Lima Football team Near Lima, Peru Fokker F-27
sn 10548
Cashed into the sea after a fly-by to see if landing gear was down.  42 of 43 aboard killed.
Aug 16, 1987
Nick Vanos
24, basketball player, Phoenix Suns center
Romulus, Michigan Northwest Airlines
N312RC SN 48090
Crashed into underpass shortly after takeoff. Stalled and crashed on takeoff. Slats and flaps not properly set.  154 of 155 killed.
Mar 21, 1987 Dino Martin
35, son of entertainer Dean Martin
Mount San Gorgonio, California F-4C Phantom jet fighter While performing a maximum takeoff climb, the plane entered clouds and crashed into a wall of granite while inverted at a speed of 560 mph.
Oct 19, 1986
c 19:21
Samora Machel
Mozambique president
Lembombo Mts., South Africa Tupolev 134A
sn 63457
Crashed in a storm into high ground while trying to land at Maputo. Pilot error. Navigation error. GPWS ignored. Possible pirate signal disoriented pilot. 34 of 43 aboard  killed.
May 24, 1986
Stephen D. Thorne
33, U.S. astronaut
Near Santa Fe, New Mexico   Killed when the stunt plane he was a passenger in crashed. 2 killed.
Jan 28, 1986
Ronald McNair, 35 Ellison Onizuka, 39 Judith Resnik, 36 Michael Smith, 40 Gregory Jarvis, 41 Francis Scobee, 46
Sharon Christa McAuliffe, 37
Crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger
Cape Canaveral, Florida Space Shuttle Challenger The craft broke up in flight, 73 seconds after launch, due to damage from an exhaust flame, leaking through a defective O ring in the solid fuel rocket. Six astronauts and civilian teacher, Christa McAuliffe, 37, killed. 7 killed.
Dec 31, 1985
Ricky Nelson
45, singer
De Kalb, Texas Douglas DC-3
sn 13658
Crashed into a field after smoke filled the cockpit and cabin. Possible faulty heater. Nelson's fiancé Helen Blair, soundman Clark Russell and members of his back-up group The Stone Canyon Band, Andy Chapin, Rick Intveld , Bobby Neal, and Patrick Woodward also killed. Both pilots survived. 
Sep 16, 1985 Art Scholl
53, professional stunt pilot
Off Encinitas, California Aerobatic biplane Crashed into the Pacific Ocean while performing an inverted flat spin while filming for the movie Top Gun.
Sept 1, 1985 Richie Panch
30, race car driver
Rion, South Carolina Piper PA-28-235-B
Flew into heavy rain and squall line and came apart in mid-air.  Pilot error. Poor judgment and planning. 4 killed. 
Aug 12, 1985
Kyu Sakamoto
43, Japanese singer
Ueno Village, Japan Japan AL
Boeing 747-SR46
JA8119 sn 20783
Pressure bulkhead failure, improperly repaired 7 years earlier. Worst single aviation accident. 520 of 524 aboard killed.
Aug 25, 1985
Samantha Smith
Auburn, Maine Bar Harbor AL
Beechcraft 99
N300WP SN U-22
Famous for writing to Soviet leader Andropov about nuclear war. Crashed short ofnding. Pilot error. All 8 aboard killed.
Sep 1, 1983
c 06:30
Lawrence McDonald
48, Georgia U.S. Rep.
Near Sakhalin Island, Russia Boeing 747-230B
sn 20599
Shot down by a Soviet Air Force fighter. Crashed into international waters in the Sea of Japan. All 269 aboard killed.
June 2, 1983
Stan Rogers
33, Canadian folk singer
Cincinnati, Ohio Douglas DC-9-32
sn 47196
In-flight lavatory fire of unknown origin. Landed safely but passengers died of flash fire and smoke inhalation. 23 of 46 aboard killed.
Jul 28, 1982 Keith Green
28, Christian singer and minister
Lindale, Texas Cessna twin-engine Shortly after taking off the plane nose dived into the ground.  Overloaded by 200 lbs. Killed along with his two children in a private plane crash. 12 killed.
Jul 23, 1982
Vic Morrow
57, movie actor
Castiac, California Bell UH-1B Huey helicopter The helicopter crashed while filming the movie Twilight Zone decapitating Vic Morrow and 2 child actors, Myca Dinh Le and Rene Chen. Special effect explosion hit tail rotor.
May 15, 1982 John Felton
48, singer, sang with the Diamonds
Mount Shasta, California
  Crashed into Mt. Shasta en route from Reno, Nevada to Grants Pass, Oregon. Felton, his wife, the pilot and his wife killed.
 Mar 19, 1982
Randy Rhoads
25,lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne
Leesburg, Florida
Beech Bonanza F35
sn D-4144
The plane crashed into a house after a wing clipped Ozzy Osbourne's tour bus. The pilot was fooling around and attempting to to buzz the bus.  All 3 aboard killed including Rachel Youngblood.
Oct 15, 1981 Jud Strunk
45, country western song writer, singer, comedian
Carabasset, Maine WWII vintage open cockpit airplane Crashed while attempting to land at Carabasset Valley Airport. 2 killed.
Jul 31, 1981
General Omar Torrijos
52, leader of Panama
Coclecito, Panama Panamanian Air Force The plane crashed under suspicious circumstances. Possible sabotage. 7 killed.
May 22, 1981
Boris Segal
58, film director
Near Portland, Oregon   Decapitated, when he accidentally walked into the tail rotor of a helicopter while on location filming a movie. Father of Katey Sagal (Married with Children).
June 23, 1980 Sanjay Gandhi
34, son of Indira Gandhi
Delhi, India   Killed while flying a stunt plane that was not properly tested. 2 killed.
Mar 14, 1980
c 11:00
Anna Jantar
Polish singer
Near Warsaw, Poland Polskie Linie Lotnicze IL-62
SP-LAA sn 11044
An engine disintegrated after power was applied during a go-around severing the rudder and elevator controls. All  87 aboard killed.
Mar 14, 1980
c 11:00
U.S. Olympic boxing team Near Warsaw, Poland Polskie Linie Lotnicze Ilyushin-62
SP-LAA sn 11044
An engine disintegrated after power was applied during a go-around severing the rudder and elevator controls. All 87 aboard killed including 22 members of the team.
Jan 11, 1980
c 01:00
Robert "Bo" Rein
34, Louisiana State University football coach
Over the Atlantic Ocean Cessna Conquest
The plane veered off course and flew out over the Atlantic running out of fuel and crashing into the sea.  Cause unknown.
Aug 2, 1979
Thurman Munson
32, baseball player, N.Y. Yankee catcher
Canton, Ohio Cessna 501 Citation
N15NY sn 0110
Crashed short of the runway during a landing attempt. Pilot error. Aircraft allowed to get too low and too slow. 1 killed.
Apr 16, 1978 Frank Gifford Tallman
59, movie stunt pilot
Santiago Peak, Orange Co., California Piper Aztec Crashed into Santiago Peak while on a routine ferry flight in turbulence.
May 21, 1978 Bruce Geller
47, writer, producer director
Montecito, California Cessna 237 Skymaster Crashed  in fog into Buena Vista canyon while on a pleasure trip from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara. 2 killed. Creator of "Mission Impossible"
Dec 13, 1977
Evansville basketball team Evansville, Indiana National Jet Service
Douglas DC-3
N51071 sn 4837
Crashed on takeoff in rain and fog. Aileron and rudder remained locked during takeoff. Improperly loaded luggage. All 29 aboard killed.
Oct 20, 1977
Ronnie Van Zant
29, lead singer for Lynyrd Skynyrd Band
Near Gillsburg, Mississippi L & J Company
Convair CV-300
N55VM sn N 003
Ran low on fuel and crashed into a wooded area. Malfunctioning engine that used excessive fuel. Three other band members killed. 6 of 26 aboard killed including Cassie & Steve Gaines.
Aug 1 1977
Francis Gary Powers
48, newscaster
San Diego, California Bell 206 Jetranger helicopter Ran out of fuel.  Powers was famous for piloting the U2 aircraft that was shot down over Russia in 1960. 2 killed.
Mar 19, 1977 Jose Carlos Pace
32, Brazilian champion race car driver
Near Mairiporã, Brazil Private plane Killed along with colleague and pilot Marivaldo Fernandes. 2 killed.
Jan 6, 1977 Natalie "Dolly" Sinatra
82, mother of entertainer Frank Sinatra
Near Palm Springs, California Gates Learjet 24B
After leaving Palm Springs Municipal Airport, the plane never changed heading and flew into a mountain. Crew error. 4 killed.
Aug 3, 1976
Jerry Litton
39, Missouri U.S. Rep.
Chillicothe, Missouri Private plane A broken crankshaft in the left engine caused a loss of control and the plane to crash during takeoff.  6 killed including Litton's wife and 2 children.
Nov 29, 1975
Graham Hill
46, race car driver
Hertfordshire, England Piper Aztec
sn 27-3960
Piloted by Hill.  Crashed after getting lost in fog. All 6 aboard killed.
Jun 24, 1975 Wendell Ladner
27, basketball player, N.Y. Nets forward
New York, New York Eastern Air Lines
Boeing 727
N8845E sn20443
Crashed while landing at JFK in a storm. Windshear.  115 of 124 aboard killed. 
Feb 14, 1975
Jerry Pettis
59, California U.S. Rep.
Banning, California Private plane
Aug 12, 1974 Bill Chase
39, jazz rock musician
Jackson, Mississippi Piper twin-engine Comanche Crashed into a soybean field while en route from Chicago. All 6 aboard killed.
Sep 20, 1973
Jim Croce
30, singer
Natchitiches, Louisiana Beechcraft E18S
Crashed into trees at the end of the runway while taking off after not gaining altitude.  Also killed were his manager Dominick Cortese, singer Maury Muehleien, and comedian George Stevens.  All 7 aboard killed.
Jan 22, 1973 Alexander Onassis
son of Aristotle Onassis
Athens, Greece Piaggio Rolled to the right and nose-dived into the ground after attaining a height of 100 ft. during takeoff.
Dec 31, 1972
Roberto Clemente
38, baseball player, Pittsburgh outfielder
San Juan, Puerto Rico Douglas DC-7CF
sn 45130
Crashed after taking off after losing power in the No. 2 and 3 engines. Clemente was on a relief mission to deliver supplies for earthquake victims in Nicaragua. All 5 aboard killed.
Dec 8, 1972
George Collins
47, Illinois U.S. Rep.
Chicago, Illinois United AL
Boeing 737-222
N9031U sn 19069
Crashed while making a non-precision instrument approach. Pilot error. Failure to exercise positive flight management. 43 of 61 aboard killed.
Oct 16, 1972
c 09:00
Hale Boggs
58, Louisiana U.S. Rep.
Nick Begich
40, Alaska U.S. Rep.
Off the Alaska coast Cessna 310 Disappeared while approaching the Chugach mountain range. Cause unknown. 4 killed.
Oct 13, 1972 Old Christians Rugby Team
Near San Fernando, Chile Fairchild Hiller FH-227D
T-571 sn 572
Crashed in the Andes. Flew into mountain wave leading to loss of control. Found 72 days after crash. Resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. 29 of 45 aboard killed. The movie "Alive" based on this crash.
Aug 28, 1972 Prince William Henry Andrew Windsor of Glouscester Near Wolverhampton, England   Killed while taking place in the Goodyear Air Race near Wolverhampton.
June 30, 1971 Georgi Dobrovolsky, 43
Viktor Patsayev, 38
Vladislav Volkov, 35
In space Soyuz II A valve opened as the descent module separated from the orbital module depressurizing space craft.  The crew died within 45 seconds.
May 28, 1971
Audie Murphy
46, WWII hero and movie actor
Roanoke, Virginia Aero Commander 680
sn 491-161
Crashed in a thunderstorm. All 5 aboard killed.
Nov 14, 1970
Marshall University football team Near Huntington, West Virginia Southern Airways
Douglas DC-9-31
sn 47245
Crashed short of the runway. Improper procedures by crew.  Used autopilot throughout landing. Call-outs not made. All 75 aboard killed. 41 from Marshall.
Oct 5, 1970
Curtis Turner
46, race car driver
Du Bois, Pensylvania Aerocommander Crashed into mountains 20 minutes after takeoff.  Pro golfer Clarence King, piloting the plane, suffered a heart attack. 2 killed.
Oct 2, 1970
Wichita State College football team Silver Plume, Colorado, Mt. Trelease Golden Eagle Aviation
Martin 404 N464M
sn 14151
Aircraft entered a mountain valley route from which it could neither climb over or execute a course reversal.  Pilot error. 32 of 40 aboard killed.
May 9, 1970
Walter Reuther
63, UAW labor leader
Pellston, Michigan Gates Learjet 23
sn 23-046
During an instrument landing the plane broke through clouds, hit trees and burst into flames short of the runway. Reuther's wife and 4 others also killed.
Feb 15, 1970 Carlos Cruz
featherweight champion boxer
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Compania Dominicana de Aviacion
HI-177 SN 47500
Lost an engine on takeoff. Circled back to the airport and crashed into the sea. All 102 aboard killed.  Member of the Puerto Rican women's volleyball team also killed.
Sep 26, 1969 The Strongest, Bolivian soccer team Near La Paz, Bolivia Douglas DC-6B
sn 43273
The aircraft hit a 15,500 ft. mountain.  Cause unknown.  All 74 aboard killed.
Aug 31, 1969
Rocky Marciano
45, boxer
Newton, Iowa Cessna 172H
sn 55229
Took off in rainy weather barely climbing.  Crashed into a lone oak tree. Inexperienced pilot not IFR qualified. 3 killed.
Mar 16, 1969 Nestor Chavez
22, baseball player, San Francisco Giants pitcher
Maracaibo, Venezuela Venezolana Inter. de Aviacion
sn 47243
Struck power lines while taking off. Incorrect information supplied to crew.  All 84 aboard and 70 on the ground killed. 
Apr 28, 1968 Lamar Tech Track Team Near Beaumont, Texas   Six members of the team killed.
Mar 27, 1968
Yuri Gagarin
34, Soviet Cosmonaut
Near Moscow, Russia MiG 15 UTI Crashed 30 miles east of Moscow, while training in a military fighter.  He was the first man in space. 2 killed.
Dec 10, 1967
Otis Redding
26, singer
Near Madison, Wisconsin Beechcraft H18
sn BA-623
Went into a spin and crashed into icy Lake Monoma in fog. Four members of his Bar-Kays band also killed. 5 of 6 aboard killed.
Dec 8, 1967 Robert Lawrence
32, astronaut
Edwards Air Force Base, California F-104 Starfighter Crashed while performing maneuvers. 
Nov 15, 1967 Michael Adams
37, test pilot
California Bell X-15 Killed while testing the X-15.  Plane went into a spin and dive while re-entering.  Aircraft disintegrated after reaching 15 Gs. 
Oct 5, 1967 Clifton Williams Jr.
35, astronaut
Near Tallahassee, Florida T-38 jet
Apr 24, 1967 Vladimir Komarov, 40
Russia Soyuz I Parachute lines tangled during re-entry. Crashed to ground. First person to die while on a space mission.
Jan 27, 1967 Virgil Grissom, 41
Edward White, 37 
Roger Chaffee, 32
U.S. astronauts
Cape Canaveral, Florida Apollo spacecraft Killed during the simulated launch of an Apollo I spacecraft. Short circuit in a 100%oxygen atmosphere caused a flash fire. 3 killed.
Jul 24, 1966 Tony Lima
32, pro golfer
Near Lansing, Illinois Beechcraft H50
Crashed at a golf course while on a Buick promotional tour. Wife betty also killed. All 4 aboard killed.
Feb 28, 1966
Elliot See Jr.
39, U.S. astronaut
Charles Bassett II
35, U.S. astronaut
St. Louis, Missouri T-38 jet Killed during an instrument landing approach at McDonnell Aircraft Corporation's plant. Came in too low and slow, hit the afterburners and crashed into the roof of a building.
Jan 24, 1966
c 08:00
Hambi Bhabha
father of India's nuclear program
Mt. Blanc, Switzerland Air India
Boeing 707-437
sn 18055/200
Descended below minimum safe altitude and crashed into Mt. Blanc. Miscalculation by the crew of their position.  All 117 killed.
Dec 12, 1965 Dr. W. Randolph Lovelace II
NASA doctor in early space program
Near Aspen, Colorado Beechcraft B95
Wife also killed.
Jul 8 1965 Albert "Paul" Mantz
62, movie stunt pilot
Winterhaven, California Phoenix P-1
Killed while filming the movie "The Flight of the Phoenix" when his plane broke apart on landing. Rumored to be alcohol related. Took the place of stunt pilot Frank Tallman who was injured. Tallman later died in another accident in 1978.  1 killed.
Oct 31, 1964 Theodore Freeman
34, U.S. astronaut
Houston, Texas T-38 trainer Killed while attempting to land at Ellington Air Force Base following a proficiency flight.  Struck a snow goose which shattered the canopy and debris entering both engines.  He ejected but was too low for his chute to fully deploy. 
Oct 23, 1964 Harold "David" Box
21, rock & roll singer
Harris County, Tennessee Cessna 172 Skyhawk The plane crashed nose first into the ground and overturned.  All 4 aboard killed.
Jul 31, 1964
Jim Reeves
39, country western singer
Near Nashville, Tennessee   Piloted by Reeves the plane crashed in a storm into dense woods 10 miles south of Nashville en route from Batesville to Nashville. Took 2 days to find the wreckage. His manager Dean Manuel also killed. 2 killed.
Feb 15, 1964 Ken Hubbs
22, baseball player, Chicago Cubs 2nd baseman
Near Provo, Utah Private plane
Mar 5, 1963
Patsy Cline
30, county western singer
Camden, Tennessee Piper Comanche
SN 24-2144
The plane took off from Dyersburg and flew into a storm. The pilot was not instrument rated and lost control and crashed. Singer, Patsy Cline, 30, killed. Also killed were Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas and Cline's manager, Randy Hughes.
Oct 7, 1962 Clement Miller
46, California U.S. Rep.
Near Eureka, California Private plane
Apr 12, 1962 Ron Flockhart
39, Scottish race car driver
Near Melbourne, Australia Mustang P-51 Lost control of a borrowed plane he was flying and crashed.  Pilot error
Jan 25, 1962 Donald Nutter
47, Governor of Montana
Wolf Creek, Montana
Private plane Crashed in snow storm. All 6 aboard killed.
Sep 17, 1961
Dag Hammarskjöld
56, U.N. Secretary General
Ndola, Zambia Douglas DC-6B
sn 43559
Crashed into jungle. Rumors persist alleging that victims were shot prior to the crash or that a bomb was onboard. All 16 aboard killed.
Apr 3, 1961
Green Cross Chilean soccer team Llico, Chile Douglas DC-3
sn 9716 Flt. 310
Crashed into a mountain. Icing.  All 24 aboard killed.
Feb 15, 1961
U.S. figure skating team Near Brussels, Belgium Sabena
Boeing 707-320
sn 17624
Nosed down and crashed after executing a go-around.  Failure of the aircraft's flying controls. All 72 aboard killed. 18 team members killed.
Oct 29, 1960
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo football team Toledo, Ohio Arctic Pacific AL
Curtiss C-46F-1-CU
N1244N SN22458
Crashed while taking off.  Premature liftoff, partial loss of power in the No.1 engine, overweight.  22 of 48 aboard killed. 16 team members killed.
Apr 29, 1959 Joaquin Blume
Spanish gymnastics champion
Valdemeca, Spain Iberian Airlines
EC-ABC SN 19334
All 28 aboard killed.
Mar 29, 1959
Barthélémy Boganda
49, president of the Central African Republic
Over the Central African Republic   The plane exploded in mid-air while on a flight from Berberati to Bangui. Speculation the plane was shot down.
Feb 3, 1959
c 01:00
Ritchie Valens,17
Buddy Holly, 22
Jiles "the Big Bopper" Richardson
29, rock and roll singers
Macon City, Iowa Beechcraft Bonanza
Crashed shortly after taking off in a snowstorm. Pilot not IFR qualified. Icing. Valens got to go on the flip of a coin leaving Tommy Allsup behind. 4 killed, including pilot Roger Peterson
Dec 14, 1958 Blaine Staats
West Virginia tackle
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania  
Oct 30, 1958 Philip Scrutton
Aug 14, 1958
c 3:45
Egyptian fencing team North Atlantic Ocean, 100 miles W. of Ireland KLM Flight 607E
Lockheed Constellation
PH-LKM sn 4841
Six member of the Egyptian fencing team were killed after the aircraft experienced overspeeding of the outer propeller. All 99 aboard killed. 
Mar 22, 1958
Mike Todd
49, film director and producer
Art Cohen
50, screenwriter
Grants, New Mexico Lockheed Loadstar
sn 2312
Crashed in an area of fog snow and thunderstorms.  Liz Taylor, his wife, stayed home ill with bronchitis. The plane was named The Lucky Liz. All 4 aboard including Art Cohn, his biographer, killed.
Feb 6, 1958
Manchester United football team Munich, Germany British European Airways 
Amb. A5-57
sn 5217
Unable to gain altitude, crashed at the end of the runway in a snowstorm. Controversy as to if the cause was ice on the wings or drag from slush on the runway. 23 of 44 aboard  killed. 8 team members killed.
Mar 17, 1957
Ramon Magsaysay
50, president of the Philippines
Cebu, Philippines Philippine Air Force
Douglas C-47
Cashed into Mt. Manunggal while on a campaign tour for reelection. 24 killed.
Nov 27, 1956 Charlie Peete
27, baseball player, St. Louis Cardinal outfielder
Cevilla, Venezuela Linea Aeropostal Venezolana
Lockheed Constellation
Crashed into a 6,700 ft. mountain while on approach.  All 25 aboard killed. Peete  was on his way to play winter ball in Venezuela.
Nov 24, 1956
Guido Cantelli
orchestra and opera conductor
Paris, France Linee Aeree Italiane
Douglas DC-6B
I-LEAD SN45075
Crashed during takeoff. All 23 aboard killed.
Sep 20, 1956 Thomas Gastall
24, baseball player, Baltimore Orioles catcher
Riviera Beach, Maryland Private plane
Jul 31, 1955 Robert Francis
25, Actor
Burbank, California   Appeared in the Caine Mutiny.
Oct 30, 1954 Wilbur Shaw
52, president Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Decatur, Indiana Private plane
Jul 1, 1954 John McBride
Alabama halfback
Texas   Killed in an ROTC training flight.
Oct 29, 1953
William  Kapell
American pianist
Near Half Moon Bay, California British Com. Pac. AL
Douglas DC-6
VH-BPE sn 43125
Crashed while on approach to SF airport. Pilot error. Crew failed to follow prescribed procedures for a instrument approach. All 19 aboard killed. 
Aug 26, 1951 Bill Barilko
Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player
Near Cochrane, Ontario, Canada Fairchild 24 Crashed while returning from a fishing trip at James Bay with friend Henry Hudson.  Wreckage found 11 years later on June 7, 1963. 2 killed
Nov 1, 1949
George Bates
58, Massachusetts U.S. Rep.
Michael Kennedy
52, New York U.S. Rep.
Arlington, Virginia Eastern AL
Douglas C-54B
N555LD sn 18365
Midair collision with a U.S. Air Force P-38 fighter. Fighter pilot survived, tried for causing accident and cleared. All 56 aboard killed.
Oct 28, 1949
Marcel Cerdan
33, French boxing champion
Ginette Neveu
30, French violinist
San Miguel Island, Azores Air France
Lockheed Constellation
F-BAZN sn 2546
Flew into a mountain. 48 killed.  Cerdan, former middleweight champion, was en route to fight Jake LaMotta in Spain.
May 4, 1949
Torino soccer team Superga, Italy Avio Linee Italiane
Fiat G212CP
I-ELCE sn 5
Left wing struck a wall while trying to land in rain, low visibility and thunderstorms. All 31 aboard killed.  
May 13, 1949 Kathleen Kennedy Harington
sister of President John Kennedy
Mount Coron, France Skyways
de Havilland Dove 1
sn N 04058
Crashed in a storm.  All 10 aboard killed.
Apr 20, 1949
Robert Coffey Jr.
31,Pennsylvania U.S. Rep.
Albuquerque, New Mexico P-80 Shooting Star Jet Fighter Crashed on takeoff while on a cross country proficiency flight.
Jun 17, 1948
Earl Carroll
55, U.S. theatrical impresario
Berryl Wallace
Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania United AL
Douglas DC-6
sn 42871
Flight 624 crashed after an in-flight fire in the cargo hold. Carbon dioxide extinguishers incapacitated the crew. Design flaw. All 43 aboard killed.
Jan 26, 1947
Grace Moore
46, singer
Copenhagen, Denmark KLM
Douglas DC-3
sn 25479
Crashed during takeoff. All 22 aboard killed.
Aug 6, 1945 Maj. Richard Bong
25, WWII Ace
Burbank, California P-80 jet fighter Crashed while testing the P-80 jet fighter.  Highest scoring ace in American history with 40 victories. 
Dec 15, 1944 Glenn Miller
40, band leader and musician
Over the English Channel UC-64A Noorduyn Norseman Disappeared over the English Channel. Most likely accidentally hit by bombs jettisoned by RAF bombers returning from an unsuccessful raid. 2 killed.
Aug 12, 1944
Joseph P. Kennedy
29, brother of President John Kennedy
Blythgurgh, England Boeing B-24 Liberator
Intending to bail out to leave another aircraft to guide the plane via remote control into a German sub pen, the plane blew up before he could exit. 1 killed.
Jul 31, 1944 Antoine de Saint- Exupery
44, Writer
Mediterranean off Marseille, France Lockheed P-38 Lightning Lost over the Mediterranean during World War II probably due to mechanical failure.
Apr 12, 1944 Tommy Hitchcock Jr.
44, champion polo player
Near Salisbury, England P-51Mustang Crashed while flying a P-51Mustang for the Air Force during World War II.
Oct 7, 1943 Prince Christoph of Hesse Italian Alps   Killed in an air crash over the Italian Alps while on active duty.
Sep 21, 1943
John William Ditter
55, Pennsylvania U.S. Rep.
Colombia, Pennsylvania Private plane
Jun 1, 1943 Leslie Howard
42, movie actor
Off the coast of France KLM
Douglas DC-3
sn 1590
Shot down by German military aircraft.
Feb 22, 1943 Ben Robertson
Lisbon, Portugal Pan Am
Boeing 314
sn 1990
The flying boat was attempting to land when the left wing hit the water. Actress Jane Froman injured.
Aug 25, 1942
George Edmund
39, the Duke of Kent
Near Dunbeath, Scotland Short Sunderland
sn W4026
The plane crashed while on a flight to Iceland during WWII. The aircraft was part of the 228th Squadron RAF.  The plane hit high ground at Eagle Rock in the Scottish Highlands in poor visibility. Possible navigation error but exact cause unknown.  All 14 aboard killed.
Jan 16, 1942
Carole Lombard
33, movie actress 
Near Las Vegas, Nevada Trans Con. & Western Airways
Douglas DC-3
sn 3295
Flight 3, crashed into Mt. Potosi. Lombard was returning from a war bond promotion. The aircraft drifted off course for reasons unknown. All 22 aboard killed including Lombard's mother and press agent.
Feb 27, 1941 William Byron
46, Maryland U.S. Rep.
Jonesboro, Georgia
Private plane
Feb 20, 1941
Sir Fredrick Grant Banting
49, Canadian co-discover of insulin
Near Gander, Newfoundland Lockheed Hudson MK III bomber
Crashed into trees at the side of a lake, 10 miles out of Gander en route to England. Double engine failure. Banting died of his injuries a few days later.  Three out of 4 aboard killed.
Aug 31, 1940 Ernest Lundeen
Minnesota U.S. Senator
Near Lovettsville, Virginia Pennsylvania Central AL
Douglas DC-3
NC21789 sn2188
Flying through a thunderstorm in turbulence the plane nosed over and plunged to earth.  Lightning strike disabled crew and caused loss of control. All 25 aboard killed.
Jan 11, 1938 Captain Edwin Musick
Pan American's first pilot
Pango Pango, U.S. Samoa Pan American Airways
Sikorsky S-42 seaplane
NC16734 sn4207
Exploded in mid-air as the crew dumped fuel in preparation for an emergency landing.  All 6 aboard killed.
Nov 16, 1937 Grand Duke and Duchess of Hesse Ostende, Belgium Sebena
Junkers 52/3m
OO-AUB sn 5827
All 11 aboard killed.
Jul 2, 1937 Amelia Earhart
40, aviator
Off Lea, New Guinea Lockheed 10E Electra
NR16020 sn N1055
Disappeared en route from Lae to Howland Island. Most likely ran out of fuel and ditched into the ocean.
Jan 12, 1937 Martin Johnson
Saugus, California Western Air Express
Boeing 247
NC13315 sn 1696
Crashed into Stone mountain while attempting to land at Burbank Airport in fog and rain. Pilot error. Descended without knowing his position. 5 of 13 aboard killed.
Aug 15, 1935 Will Penn Adair Rogers
56, American humorist
Wiley Post
37, adventurer
Walakpi, near Point Barrow Alaska Lockheed Orion Explorer
NR12283 sn 195
After making a forced landing in fog, the plane took off, rose about 50 feet and crashed into shallow water. 2 killed.
Jun 24, 1935 Carlos Gardel
45, actor, singer
Medellin, Colombia Servicio Aero Colombiano
Ford C-31 Tri-motor
C-31 sn 5-AT-112
Midair collision with another Tri-motot. Alfredo Le Pera, his lyricist also killed. All 17 aboard killed.
May 6, 1935 Bronson M. Cutting
46, New Mexico Senator
Macon, Missouri Transcontinental and Western Air
NC13785 sn 1295
Crashed while attempting to make an emergency landing after running out of fuel. 4 out of 10 aboard killed.
Mar 31 1931
c 10:45
Knute Rockne
43, Notre Dame football coach
Bazaar, Kansas Trans Cont. & Western Airways
Fokker F-10A Tri-motor
NC999E sn1063
One of the wings separated in flight and the plane crashed into a wheat field. A structural design flaw caused wing-aileron flutter.
Dec 20, 1929 William Kaynor
45, Massachusetts U.S. Rep.
Near Washington D.C.
Private plane
Jun 22, 1928
Roald Amundsen
56, Norwegian explorer 
Norwegian Sea Latham Lost at sea while attempting to fly a rescue mission to the airship Italia stranded in the Arctic.  All 6 men killed.
May 1, 1928 Thaddeus Sweet
New York U.S. Rep.
Whitney Point, New York Private plane
Oct 18, 1925 Marvin Goodwin
baseball player, Cincinnati Red pitcher
Houston, Texas  
Jul 4, 1918 Quentin Roosevelt
20, son of President Theodore Roosevelt
Chamery France Nieuport 28 Shot down behind Germany lines during WWI
Apr 21, 1918 Manfred von Richthofen "The Red Baron"
26, WW I flying ace
Morlancourt Ridge Fokker Triplane 425/17 Shot down by Canadian Roy Brown over enemy lines.
Jul 12, 1910 Charles Stewart Rolls
co-founder of Rolls Royce
Bournemouth, England Wright flyer Britain's first aviation victim.